The Facade of Digital Love


From the moment I took my first breath in this world,
I longed for your warmth 
and the comforting thump in your chest.

Your heart was love, presence, safety, caring, 
and everything in between.
As I grew, I thought I needed more,
but in the end, that wasn’t true.

“Hey, want to hear the song I learned today?”

“Hey, look what I can do!”

“Hey, what does regret mean?

“Hey, how do I find myself?”

“Hey, are you listening?”

I’ve matured now.
My eyes replaced you with glow,
my ears replaced your voice with the lyrics of someone who understood,
my mouth produced words meant for the walls,
and my heart replaced love and connection for attention.

Now I scream, “Listen!”
with pictures of my face, my adventures, 
and my heart.

Every hashtag brings me more love.

Oh, the dopamine!
It feels so good!
Who needs you, when I have my audience.

What is love anyway?
Attention, shaped like a double tap.
Far better than that thing in your chest.
It’s true love, and it’s all I need.

And when I die, post that picture of us.
#loveyou #missyou #noregrets

… it will get a ton of user engagement.

James Kenichi