The Economics of Love

Photo by  Marcus Cramer  on  Unsplash

$4.50 + $.45 tax for a card that says, “I love you”

$19.99 for a dozen roses that were only $9.99 last week

$49.99 for that thing that will end up in the back of your closet, but will let me spend the evening not feeling guilty

$38.27 for the Lyft to that romantic restaurant that everyone is talking about

$86.43 for overrated food and to be surrounded about 100 other people trying to let their partner’s know they are “thinking” about them

$40 for a babysitter to watch the kids I don’t see because I am too busy “making it” for “us”

One Instagram post with perfect lighting that says, “I love this girl,” just to make sure all our digital friend know that we are still in love

One attempt to hold your hand on the walk to our house, so I can pretend like it wasn’t all a shell covering the distance that will reemerge in the morning

Happy Valentine’s Day